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LPG Cylinder Supplies

LPG cylinders are portable and convenient containers used for storing and transporting to fulfill the cooking and heating needs of households and businesses worldwide. We have the best filling and distribution facility in the UAE, with a filling capacity of 18,000 cylinders per day and an efficient distribution network. We fill all types of cylinders, varying from valves to cylinder sizes and types.

LPG Bulk Supplies

We have a storage capacity of 1.6 million liters and a large distribution fleet. Our bulk gas delivery process has specialized equipment, remote tank monitoring, a vehicle tracking system, trained personnel, and strict safety protocols. We commit to providing high-quality products on time for Hospitality, industry, domestic, and other business institutions.

Aerosol Propellant Gas

We supply a wide range of high-purity propellants and blends to create a unique formula that meets our customers’ requirements. Our Aerosol propellant gas is widely used in various industries, such as cosmetics, perfumes, air fresheners, paints, food-grade packaging and pesticides. Available in cylinders and bulk supplies.

Elite Cutting Gas

Elite Cutting Gas is one of its kind with high energy efficiency and is an oxy-fuel cutting product. It has better cutting speed and an elite-quality surface finish compared to any other cutting gas. Our Elite cutting gas has a higher calorific value and is non-toxic and eco-friendly with the lowest carbon emissions.

Forklift Gas Cylinders

Fuel your forklifts with our high-quality forklift gas cylinders to enhance your vehicle’s efficiency and low-cost maintenance. Forklift cylinders supplied by us are refillable. We offer fast and dependable forklift gas cylinder delivery to our valuable customers.

Heating Gas Cylinders

Our heating gas cylinders are used for the process of heating the metallic substance; the treatment is used to enhance the formability of the material and change its physical properties. And alsoit is being used to provide thermal energy to maintain comfortable temperatures indoors and outdoors. Commonly used by hotels and restaurants for patio heaters.

Waterproofing Gas

Our waterproofing gas cylinders are used to make an object or structure waterproof or resistant to water. The product is suitable for use in wet or submerged environments.

Powder Coating Gas

Powder coating gas is utilized for hard-facing applications,  particularly in shaping molds, employing manual powder guns alongside oxy-acetylene flame techniques.

R290 Refrigerant Gas

R290 (Propane) is a refrigerant-grade propane suitable for use in a range of refrigeration and air conditioning applications. It is used as an alternative to R404A and R407. It is available in Cylinders and Bulk supplies.


Propane is a pressurized, flammable hydrocarbon gas that is widely used in commercial, domestic, agricultural, and industrial settings. We provide high-quality Propane Gas in Bulk as well as cylinders of various capacities.


Butane belongs to the hydrocarbon family and is used in various industries and businesses. Its low-pressure property makes it a unique product for different applications. We supply high-purity butane in cylinders and bulk supplies.

Gas Equipment’s

We are suppliers and distributors of all kinds of gas equipment that is reliable and meets international quality standards. The equipment is approved by UAE authorities like Civil Defense and ESMA.

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